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If You're Not Growing, You Are Dying

#ecommerce #entrepreneur #health #levelup #networkmarketing #onlineentrepreneur #oolalife #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #possibilities #uplevel #wellness change growth oola progress Feb 18, 2022

Are you ready for some life-changing truth here? Stay with me, because this does have a happy ending, I promise! 😀

Fact: You are either growing, or you are dying. There is no status quo. Nothing endures but change. Everything flows, nothing stands still. 

The Sad Truth

And, the sad thing is most of us get so busy with the hustle and bustle of life, we forget to intentionally set our growth plan. Therefore, we are slowly declining...our health, fitness, relationships, mindset, careers....all fizzle out over time if you are not intentional about your actions.

The Good Ole Days!

When we are young, we have goal after goal, dream after dream...we go on to the next grade, then the next grade, graduation, college, selecting a career, dating, maybe marriage, maybe having children, buying a house, etc.

The Middle Age Wake Up Call

Then, one day, about 40ish, you wake up depressed. Not literally, but you know what I mean! By middle age, many of us have put on weight, have aches and pains developing, we are bored with our career, we are stressed, we are not feeling "in love" with our spouse. We feel emotionally numb and are lacking motivation and inspiration.

Use It or Lose It

Our mind, body and spirit are constantly adjusting to everything we’re experiencing.  Every time we reach a new level of skill in something, that automatically becomes the new norm.  Conversely, when we stop learning, exercising or practicing, given enough time, we simply fall behind or start declining.

If you've ever had an injury, or surgery, and not been able to use an extremity for a while you know what happens. You lose strength, muscle mass and bone density. 

This same thing happens to our relationships. You're either working on your marriage, or you're working on your divorce. What you neglect, dies slowly.

Pivot. Course Correct

Awareness is the first step to revitalizing whatever part of life you have neglected. Stop. Pivot. Set a new plan, goal, direction, daily habit, etc. Stay consistent. Take small steps. Even baby steps. You only have to be 1% better tomorrow than today in order to see results down the road.

The Good News

You can have unparalleled control of your health, education, finances, career and relationships if you embrace change.  Allow your life to have a healthy theme of progression built-in to it and everything will flow effortlessly. Don’t be stagnant!  Stagnation leads to missed opportunities, a waste of time, and unrealized dreams. Meet your own expectations and attack your goals with great passion to continually build yourself anew.

I have an app on my phone that I use to keep me accountable and moving towards progress EVERY SINGLE DAY (even on my birthday and on Christmas Day!) The daily action steps I enter into the app EVERY NIGHT, give me energy, hope and confidence to know I am making baby steps towards growth in all areas of my life. I am not dying! I am thriving. I am living intentionally. And, so can you!

So, I encourage you to do whatever it takes to reignite your inner spirit. Come alive again. Find your childlike faith. Start dreaming again. It is time to intentionally creating a life of growth, purpose and balance.

If you want to brainstorm or collaborate on any of this, please reach out. I can be reached at [email protected].

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